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Camping in Himachal Pradesh

Trekking & Camping in Himachal


What can be better than tucking yourself in a sleeping bag in a tent, spending the evening sitting by a bonfire, eating grilled 

food and stargazing! Seems ideal right? One should actually try something like this once in a lifetime to realize how so many

 unnecessary items have become an integral part of our life. Just about every machine/ appliancethat we consider important 

doesn’t hold any place in nature and this we can realize through camping. A family camping is a good idea for the fact it will

 make you come close to each other as not only family but as a team, also you will also appreciate the value of work that each

 of you perform for each other on a regular day. Also, camping in places like Himachal gives you the opportunity to get a better

 understanding of our environment, our surroundings and their relevance. Chandratal Lake, Solang Valley, Manimahesh Lake, Sach Pass 

and Triund are some of the best places to camp in Himachal Pradesh.

Popular Treks

Treks of 5-8 days duration, viable from June to October Include:

* Manimahesh Lake (4170 m), a 3-7 days yatra (pilgrimage)

* Shrikhand Mahadev yatra (5227 m), 3-7 days (pilgrimage) extremely difficult.

*Bharmaur to Udaipur/Trilokinath in Lahul over Kalicho Pass (4803 m)

* Bharmaur to Manali/Udaipur over Kugti Pass (5040 m)

* Indrahar Pass Trek (4350 m), a 3-7 days trek

* Chandratal Lake ( 14500 to 16500 ft)

* Bias Kund Trek (2-3 day trek) - Manali    (Dundhi) to Bias Kund.        Medium 

* Kareri Lake & Lam-Dal Trek (3-5 days trek) - 4250 m Pass _           Very 


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